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Superintendent's Welcome Message

Welcome to TEACH Public Schools! TEACH Public Schools is comprised of talented and hardworking teams of individuals who are determined to prove that we can close the achievement and opportunity gaps that exist in the city of Los Angeles and that we can transform the lives of urban students and their families.  I am humbled every year to help lead and be a part of this mission. The 2018-19 school year is officially here! Our teachers and instructional assistants return to work on Monday, July 30th and we have an outstanding two weeks of personalized professional development and team building waiting for them. I am appreciative of everyone who has worked through the summer planning for this upcoming school year, organizing our schools, and interviewing and hiring new staff. Our students begin school August 13th and I am looking forward to welcoming them back to a safe and positive school environment conducive to learning and preparing them to be the global 21st century leaders of tomorrow. To this end, I continue to encourage all staff to create a rich multicultural environment for learning; design an integrated curriculum, provide for children to become self-directed learners; and share their enthusiasm for learning, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation.